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Mr & Mrs J., Leeds.

12th Jun, 2015

"David helped us achieve a sale in under 12 days for the price we we after. We shopped around, and found WPTM to be the friendliest, most considerate firm out there. We couldn't have asked for more from this company and the effort they put in!"

Sell Any House Quickly With No Fees - And Get Up To 100% Value!

Are you looking for a fast property sale? Have you shopped around the various 'cash buying' websites only to be mislead, mistreated and generally confused about your fast sale options and how to get a quick property sale and a fair price? We can help you!

Our specialist property buying service is designed for homeowners who need to get up to 100% of the market value for their property, as well as achieve a quicker than average home sale. Just enter your postcode above for a FREE online valuation.

If you have had your house on the market for some time and have considered a quick sale or using a specialist fast home sale agent, we can help you achieve the best price possible in the shortest time frame. Our in house expert staff are trained to the highest degree to deliver the best possible customer service and satisfaction.

NEW - Read Our Customer Questions & Answers
Our customers have frequently send in questions relating to our service and selling
their homes in general. We are now displaying our answers for you to read.


A Quick Guide To ‘Quick House Sale’ Agencies.

There are many websites on the internet that claim to be able to offer you a quick sale, however the only true way to guarantee a sale is with a cash buying firm. At WPTM we are specialists in cash sales, and we know which investors like to buy in particular areas, and which investors will pay more for houses in particular locations.

It is estimated that over 80 per cent of companies on the internet that claim to be genuine cash buyers are really in actual fact estate agents. An estate agent cannot guarantee you a speedy house sale. In fact, they cannot guarantee you anything – as they solely rely on someone visiting their website, seeing your property, visiting and then making an offer.

This to us is not a quick sale, and if you really do want a fast sale of your home you need to find a genuine cash buying firm.

There are several ways in which you can spot if a company is a genuine cash buyer or not, and below we have highlighted the questions that you should be asking when you are dealing with these companies.

1. How quick can they complete on a sale.

If the answer to this question is any different than 7 – 10 days, then the company in question is NOT a cash buyer. If a person is buying your home quickly for fast cash, they don’t need to go down the legal channels that a regular buyer would. This means they should be able to almost guarantee that the funds will be in your bank in a maximum of 10 days.

2. Did they ask you to sign a contract?

If you are requested to sign an agency contract of any kind – without stating the obvious you are dealing with an agency and not a cash buyer. A cash buyer will not need to tie you into a lengthy contract, in fact they should have very little paperwork. The simple matter is that they are buying your home quickly, not listing it on the open market. This means that a contract is not needed and should not be requested.

3. Are they registered with the Property Ombudsmen?

You need to make sure any company you deal with are genuine and not going to try and take advantage of your situation. One step to doing this is to check with the Property Ombudsmen to make sure the company in question is registered. If not, we suggest that you choose another company to deal with.

4. Are they registered with NAPB?

The NAPB (national association of property buyers) was recently formed to protect sellers looking for a quick cash sale. Although this doesn’t always guarantee that they company you are dealing with are not going to try techniques like lowering prices at the last minute, it does guarantee you that they have the funds to make a purchase.
Our main recommendation is that you shop around, and do your own due diligence when it comes to dealing with Fast House Sale companies. Make sure you get a price off more than one cash buyer, and that you follow the steps above to stay safe.


A Video Guide To A Quick Property Sale Online

There is more than one option available to homeowners looking for a fast home sale, and newly formed internet 'for sale by owner' website Sellers Meet Buyers have created this simple video outlining the options that are available to the average homeowner.


Can I really sell my house in 7 days?
Many companies claim to be able to help you sell house fast, however very few can deliver on their promises. We can help you sell your house in as little as 7 days, or if that is too soon, we can arrange the sale around you. We have access to the biggest cash buying panel of investors in the UK, and they really do put their money where their mouth is when it comes to buying UK properties quickly and customers who ask the question can I 'sell my house quick'.

With our online valuation service you can get a rough idea of what we will pay for your home today if you need to sell your house quick, and you could be on the way to securing a sale of your property, regardless of your location, condition or personal circumstances.

How much can I expect to receive for my home?
The majority of cash buying companies you have had quotes from have probably gave you an offer in the region of 70% of market value for your home. At We Pay The Most, we can offer much more than that, as we don’t have the huge overheads and staff that these bigger companies have to deal with. We are a small firm, but we get the job done. What's more, you know from the first instance that we are trustworthy and reliable.
We pay cash for homes, we pay more than the average cash buying company and we get the job done in a time frame that suits you. There are companies out there that will offer you 100% of market value for your property, and even offer you a quick sale with that. However, you need to be aware that these companies are often shady and untrustworthy.

We pay the most are regulated, and we are members of the Property Ombudsmen. This mean that you can firmly trust us with the sale of your home. We are here to get you a fair price, a quick house sale and most importantly a happy experience.

WPTM customers can achieve on average £25,000 MORE than other quick sale companies that we have mystery shopped.

Our customers receive more for their homes due to the fact we are a serious and honest cash buyer. We won’t mess you around claiming to know ‘investors’ we are investors ourselves, and with the help of our sister company we will directly purchase your property from you for cash. We can complete on a sale in 7 days, and from what we know, we are one of 3 companies in the UK that are able to offer this service.

We also have other quick sale options that can enable you to receive up to 100% of the current market value for your property. If you need to "sell my house fast" and you have a question that needs answered why not speak to one of our friendly advisors today.

NEW - Read Our Customer Reviews
Our customers have been giving feedback on the information and service provided by us.
We are now displaying customer reviews for you to read.

Our team of national cash property buyers will assess your property, based on the information you provide us, do some checks over the internet to verify your information and present you with a firm cash offer for your home. This offer is subject to an independent valuation, however we will do our upmost to be fair, concise and above all as straight as possible with you.

We firmly advise that you shop around and get quotes from other companies, and we suggest that you submit your details on more than our site. We believe that our trustworthiness and quality of service will bring customers back to us, as we can assist customers every step of the way with the sale of their home.

The founder of our company, David Sessford also keeps a property sellers blog which may be of assistance and help to you if you are thinking about selling soon. David ’s experience mainly lies in assisting customers who are looking to sell their homes quickly, however, he also has much experience in other aspects of property sales, and the blog that he keeps covers a wide variety of property related discussions.

Why We Are The Best Home Selling Service In The UK …

A Guaranteed Cash Offer In Hours, A Higher Than Average Price For A Fast Sale In Under A Week, And Options To Sell At Up To 100% Of Full Market Value. That’s Why We Are The Biggest And Most Trusted Cash Property Buyer In The UK!

What Makes WPTM Different To Other ‘Cash Buyers’ …
Funds of up to £3 million available per property
We buy property regardless of the condition
We don’t mind on the location
We can achieve up to 100% market value
We can make an offer in hours
We offer the highest prices within the market
We don’t drop prices at the last minute
We can provide you with proof of funds
We buy houses, flat, bungalows or anything else!

Your home is probably one of your biggest assets and when it comes to selling it, you really want to get the best possible price you can at the time you are selling. There are obviously a number of factors that can influence the price you will receive, be it current market conditions, the economy or whatever other outside factors that may be apparent at the time of sale.

There are also internal factors to consider within a vendors own personal life that will ultimately affect the price they will receive. For example if you are going through a divorce, have inherited a property through probate or are facing repossession you will likely be looking to sell your property quickly, and may be considering accepting a below market value offer to help your property sell fast.

At WPTM we specialize primarily in customers who need to sell their homes fast and for cash. We have funds available to purchase any property in the UK, for fast cash. We can even complete on a sale in under 7 days if you need us to.

The UK property sale sector is dominated with ‘cash buying companies’ on the internet, however we feel that our customers deserve to know the truth and facts before dealing with any company.

Estate Agencies.
A number of companies that advertise online as cash buyers are actually just estate agents. Although we have an estate agency we don’t actively promote this as our main business model for cash sales. An estate agent cannot offer you a fast sale, in fact they cannot guarantee you a sale of any kind! An estate agent can only list your property on the open market, for a price you agree with them. They then rely on members of the general public coming along, making viewings and ultimately your property selling in the traditional sense.

To us THIS IS NOT A QUICK SALE. This method of sale can take up to 6 months and you have all the stresses associated with an open market sale. Buyers may be in chains, they may pull out at the last minute etc.

Marketing Agencies.
Marketing agencies claim to be ‘cash property buyers’, and will pretty much say ANYTHING on their websites to get you to fill in their forms. Once you have filled in the form, your details may be sold up to 5 times. They don’t have the ability to purchase your property for cash, and they can’t even list your home on the open market.

Although wepaythemost are technically run by a parent marketing firm, we also have exclusive access to cash buyers with genuine funds waiting to buy property quickly. We also are members of the data protection act which means we will not sell on your details to anyone. You will only be contacted by our cash buying firms or relevant online estate agency services (depending on what you opt for).

We are also members of The Property Ombudsmen, and can assure you of our level of service.

Investor Buyers
Any company that claims they will find you a cash buyer – are not cash buyers. If they have to ‘find’ you a cash buyer, the chances are they are no better than estate agents, and don’t have funds to purchase.

We can provide you with a bank statement showing our funds are there ready to buy your home.

If you have any questions about our service, or how we can help you achieve a fast sale – do not hesitate to give us a call today!

To proceed with a free house valuation simply click the button below, alternatively why not give us a call on 0800 612 7917. Our expert team are waiting to take your call.

further reading for sellers ...

quick sale tip of the day

"When it comes to selling your home it helps to have a really good de-clutter prior to viewings. De-cluttering your home can open up space and allow potential buyers to really see the good points in your home. Having a dining room de-cluttered can help viewers to visualize space and what they could potentially use the space for. Living rooms de-cluttered can really open up space and also good features previously hidden by clutter. It helps to organise yourself prior to selling your home, perhaps investing in a storage unit so you have somewhere to store personal items away until your home is sold. de-cluttering and depersonalizing gives potential buyers a feel for what it would be like living in your house. storing away photos and any personal items along with clutter will give your home a show home feel and this is what buyers like to see when looking around a property.

Your outdoor space is just as important as indoor space when it comes to selling your property. Outdoor space is a sought after necessity when buyers look at buying a home. Outdoor space is great for children, entertaining friends, gardening or just a place to relax. It helps for your outdoor space to be on top form as this is quite often the first thing viewers will see when viewing your home. Clean driveways, maintained plants and lawn and a neat tidy garden is always great for potential buyers. If your outdoor space is in need of work it would be worth spending a few days and some money to get it nice and neat prior to viewings. Cutting the lawn, pressure washing patios or driveways, cutting back trees and shrubs and planting a few nice flowers can make a real difference to obtaining that offer on your home. Remember first impressions count.

Not everyone is a pet lover! so when it comes to selling your home having your pet and their items(including lingering smells) can be quite off putting to potential buyers. You might want to think about removing all traces of your pet so that you can appeal to the vast majority of people who view your home. Removing bedding, pet bowls, litter trays and any other pet related items is the first steps to de-petting your home. Secondly having a really good clean including removing pet hairs from carpets and lingering pet odors can help to making your home pet free. Not all buyers want to smell dog or cat when looking around a house they are interested in buying. Remember you want to sell your home which means appealing to as many buyers as possible in order to give you're the best chance possible in receiving that all important offer. This means taking steps to de-petting your home. "

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